Sharone Bramy

Young make-up artist, fashion lover, beauty enthusiast.

Works for fashion, cinema and more..


Passionated by creative projects, contact me if you want me to work with you.


With passion,

Sharone Bramy



Publication in IMIRAGE Magazine

Mardi 26 Juin 2018

Recently published in beauty, fashion, art magazine IMIRAGE Magazine (edition #228)



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IMIRAGE Magazine #228




Thank you to this amazing team, we dit it !

Photo : Audrey Marcy | Stylist : Pauline Ruiz | Model : Chloe Melessousso, Marine Viggiano, Sarah Okendo, Julie Banza, Lea Gimenez, Laura Savelli, Leane Noel | MUAH : Sharone Bramy, Gaelle Siky